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Slow Living For Beginners: 9 Ways To Live More Slowly

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September 18, 2022

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What is the first thing that pops into your mind when you hear the term “slow living?”. For me, slow living is a slow-paced lifestyle that focuses on being intentional with everyday living. Slowing down allows us to focus more on the things that matter most. Instead of rushing from one thing to the next, slow living encourages us to be more present and mindful of our days.

Slow living is a way of life that emphasizes simplicity and pursuing daily tasks at a relaxed and leisurely pace. The idea behind slow living is to live in harmony with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.


In a face-paced world, it’s easy to find yourself living a hectic and chaotic life. When you’re constantly trying to get everything done, it doesn’t take much to start feeling overwhelmed and burned out with everyday living.

If you find yourself struggling to keep up and dreading mundane tasks, you may need to learn how to slow down.  Slow living allows us to be genuinely involved in our day-to-day activities, make them more enjoyable, and spark a fresh appreciation for life overall.


1. Take time to smell the roses

The idea behind slow living is simple: take time to enjoy the little things in life. This includes spending time with family and friends, spending time in nature, and just relaxing.  For example, instead of rushing from one task to the next, take time to appreciate the beauty of nature. Or, if you prefer, you could take time to smell the roses (or whatever flowers you find beautiful). For me, dahlias and poppies are my absolute favorite flowers to enjoy!

2. Be grateful for what you have

The term “slow living” refers to a lifestyle where one focuses on enjoying the present moment rather than worrying about the future. In other words, slow living means being happy with what you have right now instead of always wanting more.

If you’re feeling stressed, take some time to appreciate the good things in your life. You might feel happier when you start thinking about your life’s positive aspects.

3. Spend quality time with family and friends

Slow living also means spending less time doing things that aren’t as important to you. This includes watching TV, playing video games, scrolling on Instagram, and other activities that keep us busy but don’t make us happy. Instead, spend your free time doing what makes you feel fulfilled.

Slow living encourages us to spend more time enjoying activities such as reading, writing, cooking, and spending time with family and friends. By living a slower lifestyle, you have more time to experience family dinners, spontaneous game nights, and regular conversations with your loved ones that will benefit your relationships in so many ways.

4. Don’t rush into decisions

If you want to live a slower lifestyle, you need to start making choices that will help you do so. You should avoid buying things impulsively because you won’t enjoy them as much when you must return them later. Also, limit how often you go out to eat because eating at home allows you to savor each bite.

 Slow living is a lifestyle that emphasizes quality over quantity and makes deliberate choices to live a simpler and more fulfilling life.

5. Do one thing at a time

One of the biggest reasons people rush through life is because they feel overwhelmed with too many tasks to complete. They think they must do everything at once and end up feeling stressed and anxious. Instead, focus on doing just one task at a time. This will allow you to enjoy what you’re doing without worrying about anything else.

No matter how much you slow down and simplify your life, there will always be things that still need to be done. However, one way to slow down is by assessing your to-do list and getting rid of anything that doesn’t necessarily need to be done.

Is there anything on your to-do list you could let go of? Learning to prioritize how you spend your time and letting go of things that don’t add value to your life is a great way to slow down

6. Drive slowly

Life is hectic and stressful enough. So, why do you feel we must rush through life and hurry to get places? Learning to drive slowly will not only save your stress levels but also reduce many other complications — the headache of accidents and speeding tickets, going to the gas station too often, not to mention experiencing less road rage. Slow down and enjoy life more.

Here are a few ways to make your drive a pleasant one:

  • Play relaxing music

  • Ignore other drivers

  • Leave early

  • Take the back roads

7. Unplug

It’s easy to become so engrossed with our phones that we forget to care for ourselves. We might even feel guilty when we do go offline because we think we should be checking email or responding to texts. However, going offline and unplugging can improve your life. Studies show that people who spend less time online tend to live longer than those who spend more time online.

Unplugging from technology has been shown to improve mood, reduce stress, and even boost memory. It also helps people feel less lonely and isolated.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by constant alerts and notifications, turn them off. This will give you more peace of mind and allow you to focus on other things.

8. Start your mornings slower

Get up 15 minutes earlier so you can start your day slower. When you wake up earlier, not only can you avoid rushing. But you can also include things in your morning routine that you enjoy, make you feel good, and positively impact the rest of your day.

To help me get up earlier, I go to bed at the same time every night. The key to creating a successful morning routine is consistency. If you wake up at different times each day, you won’t be able to maintain a consistent schedule.

Here are five ways you can start your day slower and more enjoyable:

  • Meditate

  • Journal

  • Read a book

  • Exercise

  • Take a bath

  • Listen to relaxing music

  • Savor a cup of coffee or tea outside

By starting your day slower and with more intention, you can carry that slower, more enjoyable pace with you throughout the rest of your day.

9. Create a habit of resting

It’s essential to rest regularly to stay healthy. But how can you create a habit that helps you relax and recharge? Here are some ideas for creating a regular routine of rest.

Set aside time every day to rest. You should set aside at least 30 minutes each day to rest. This includes taking breaks throughout the day as well as sleeping. If you’re feeling tired during the day, take a break and do something relaxing.

Find a quiet place to rest. It’s easy to fall into bad habits when you’re stressed out. Take some time to find a quiet place where you can relax. Try sitting down with a cup of tea or coffee, listening to music, reading a book, or watching TV.


Adopting a slower-paced lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight. It takes practice and dedication, but you’ll never want to return once you start your slower living journey.

So the next time you’re feeling rushed, overly busy, or overwhelmed, try some of these tips to help you slow down, be present, and be more mindful of the beautiful, enjoyable life you are creating!

xo, Jen

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  1. Laurel says:

    Thank you Jennifer! This is fabulous 🙂
    Also, you mentioned on IG that you might be changing your handle…. my 2 cents for all it’s worth… I like it the way it is. I think your story gives you more street cred than some of the others Have a great day 🙂

    • Jennifer says:

      You are so kind, Laurel! After thinking about it, I decided I wouldn’t change it. You are right; the name embodies my story and does fit. Maybe it can serve as a conversation starter for small businesses that don’t know my story. Plus, I would have to change ALL my social media handles and website- and who wants that? 😉

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