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Looking for a way to keep track of your egg production? We have free printables available that are perfect for tracking your egg count. Download now and get organized!

Monthly + yearly egg count printables

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 Egg Count

Here’s an easy-to-follow checklist to help you prepare your homestead for the colder months ahead. Follow these simple steps and you’ll be ready when the snow arrives!

winter prep on the homestead



 Winter prep

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But what do I know about homesteading?

In 2016 I swapped my hectic, materialistic lifestyle for a simpler, more meaningful life close to nature.

Slowing down, learning new skills, and embracing a more sustainable lifestyle away from the toxicity of hustle culture changed my life. I discovered a passion for gardening, rescuing animals, and living simply.

Now, I'm sharing my homestead knowledge to educate others seeking a slower and simpler life through homesteading, no matter where they live. 

Hello friends, I'm Jen and I am a woman of many hats: wife, homesteader, blogger, animal rescuer and aspiring DIY-er.