Our journey began serving in a war zone, 8,000 miles away from home. We experienced trauma that changed our lives forever. Struggling to adjust to post-combat life, I tried to cope in unhealthy ways and ended up addicted to prescription drugs. At my lowest point, I attempted suicide - but thankfully, this was a turning point for our journey. 

I embraced sobriety and got help for my PTSD. To continue healing, we left city life behind and moved to a peaceful 42-acre homestead out in the countryside.

Moving away from the masses of people, traffic, noises, and pressures of city life was the best decision we could have made for my sobriety. Here, surrounded by nature and living simply has brought us solace once more. 

Combat Veterans, Animal Rescuers, PTSD Survivors, & your New Sidekicks to Explore Homestead Living with.

EVERYone has a story worth sharing. THIS IS OURS.

“Sharing your story frees you and allows others to connect with you in a beautiful and authentic way.”

Now, we are passionate about providing refuge for neglected or abused animals and helping others learn how true wellness can be achieved through homesteading no matter where they live.

Homesteading is a lifestyle that can be tailored to the individual's needs and resources. It doesn't require a large plot of land or acquiring huge amounts of debt--it simply requires one to live life on their own terms, whatever that may be.

Whether it is building your own home from the ground up, having a single tomato plant in the backyard, cooking all meals from scratch, or finding creative ways to save money-homesteading is about paving your way for the life you want.

Don't let fear hold you back!

building a homestead

It's  a journey, not a destination

Maddy gave birth to a healthy mini colt we named Elvis. He is our pride and joy.

We're excited to have you following our journey!


New life on the farm!

We added chinchillas, peafowl and  mini horses (including a pregnant mare) to our growing homestead.


We started rescuing abused and neglected farm animals, and within a year, we had donkeys, goats, chickens, ducks, parrots, and bunnies.


We traded our suburban home for 42-acre homestead nestled in the Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains.


We also started documenting daily farm life & hit 10k followers on Instagram.

Meet the Herd

baghdad to barnyard's celebrities

We have an assortment of animals on our farm. Just like us, they all have a story that is worth sharing. Many were abused and neglected, but now they live a life full of love, freedom, + cookies. We know you will love them as much as we do.