Are you seeking a simpler, more purposeful life where self-empowerment is encouraged, and seasonal living is embraced? 

Around here, we are all about living a life full of passion and purpose. When we finally stopped chasing the next best thing and found a more intentional life through homesteading, we discovered a life we didn't need or wanted to take a vacation from. 

Now, we're sharing our experiences and knowledge with you so that you, too, can build a life you don't need an escape from.

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Hello friend, and welcome to our little corner of the internet. I’m Jen, the voice behind the blog. My husband, David, and I are combat veterans and self-taught modern homesteaders. But we’re not your typical homesteaders.

So, what makes us different? Well, we don't raise animals for meat or dairy, we don't breed livestock, we rarely cook from scratch, we don't live off-grid, and we don't make a lot of money off our homestead (courtesy of 48ish spoiled rotten critters).
However, over the years, we've learned homesteading is a mindset, and there is no one-size-fits-all approach to homesteading.

We're not your typical homesteaders

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Let's get down to the nitty gritty!

I’m all about keepin' it real and authentic- You won't catch me in a sundress or see perfectly curated images here. Real talk- I'm a hot mess 98% of the time, with hay in my pockets, pine shavings in my hair, and some kind of animal poop on my clothes.

I'm just a simple country girl that loves animals, and thankfully they don't care if I have messy barn hair and live year-round in yoga pants and sweats. I am perfectly content being a homebody, and I don’t miss city living at all (well, except for Chick-fil-a). 

I am publicly sharing my PTSD journey in hopes it will resonate with others who have experienced trauma and may be suffering in silence. I want this to be a safe space for more open conversations about mental health and to inspire others to share their stories.

Homesteading has been a game changer in my mental health recovery, and it can be for you, too. So, if you're dreaming of slowing down and getting back to the basics, then you're in the right place, friend!

Hey, y’all- I’m Jen. You can usually find me in the barnyard or puttering around in the garden. 

Wife x 17 years &
Farm Mama to
48ish  fur babies...



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